Dr. Leonard Robinson is Apostle, Founder and General Overseer of Kingdom Vision Ministries International located in Philadelphia, PA -USA.  He is an author, public speaker, mentor, business coach and an entrepreneur who not only teaches on the Kingdom of God but he also teaches the nuances of business formulation, development of ideas and what it takes to launch a business emotionally.  Dr. Robinson has hosted Rebuilding The Black Family Conferences and The Kingdom Culture Bible Conferences with Dr. Myles Munroe as his guest annually, and hosted other speakers to include Dr. Cindy Trimm and Dr. Kelly Varner.  Dr. Robinson is also founder of several companies. And as Managing Partner of Omega Marketing Services LLC he seeks to bring payment and innovation to the finance sector and business sectors of Africa and the Caribbean and other parts of the world.  He has served on the Board of Directors and as an Advisory Board Member of non profit organizations.

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